my name is is my english name,which is also the name of my idol.i’m a recommended student from ccfls,in which i have studied for six years.during the time i stayed there,i’ve learned a lot from the teachers who i must thank sincerely.another school in my life is my family.1990 witnessed me born in a happy family.i was treated as the apple of my family members’ eyes since childhood.genuineness,perseverance,conscientiouness,the urge for improvement are the characters my family gives me.today,but for their support,i would not be this confident.many thanks to my family.i love them all.

  i’m an optimistic,energetic,outgoing,active,humorous girl with any amount of hobbies,such as listening to music and writing my blog.what deserves to be introduced is my blog on sina,which takes me a lot of pains.it’s without much gaudy decorations,but many articles which are really worth reading.the website address is here.your prensence and guidance are requested.

  unlike many other girls,i’m quite good at sports.swimming,skating,basketball,volleyball,badminton,table tennis and etc. are my preferences.in spite of my height,i have a good jumping capacity.due to this,i’m the captain of the female basketball team and the principal member of the female volleyball team in our school.in addition,i’m fond of playing chess.i’ve got a silver medal when i was a child.futhermore,i’m a very versatile girl.piano and clarinet are my forte.they all get the ninth level.besides,i’m a good organizer and leader in the school activities.

  i organized many english speech contest,also took a part in it and ranked among the best.especially,i directed an english play called“the sound of music”,which is a gorgeous success,so that every audience spoke highly of it.i’m very proud of that.

  to conclude,i’m sure i won’t let you down.i hope that you can give me a chance to study in xiamen university,which is the shrine in my mind, and i’ll give you much glory in return.

  that’s all.thank you for your attention.


  I am cheerful, and his careful, meticulous work, hard working, down to earth work, there is a strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, but also has a strong ability to work independently, active thinking.

  Able to skillfully use Windows Office Word, Excel, XXX and other applications, according to the needs of XXX, the completion of the work surface XXXX, XXXX have a good sense of communication skills and strong negotiation skills;Professional advice and product and supplier information in XXXX, the proposed feasibility recommendations, follow XXXX solve the problem; have team spirit, a sense of responsibility, good character, correct thinking; have a certain file management capabilities.


  能熟练运用Windows Office Word、Excel、XXX等应用软件,能根据XXX的需求,完成面XXXX工作,具备良好的XXXX意识,极强的沟通能力与谈判能力;在XXXX中提出专业的意见和产品及供应商资讯,提出可行性方案建议,跟进解决XXXX问题;具备团队协作精神,有责任心、人品好、思想端正;具备一定的文件管理能力。


  Hello, everybody

  My name is Justin ZHAO. It's said that a person's name may reflect or determines his destiny or fate in a way.My first name in Chinese means surpass. Life is a long and tough run to go. I must learn how to survive in this fast moving society and try to thrive.

  I’m open minded, easy-going, warm hearted with a sunshine smile. I have superb and god features such as honesty and sweet temper. Also, I much enjoy making friends from all walks of life. My favorite fun is travelling around the world.

  I was borned on Feb. 2, 1976. I had an elder sister two and half years older than I. Frankly speaking, I should say I had a good and memorable childhood in my life. I was not a leading student in my elementary school but in junior middle School. I scored good marks and ranked high both in my class and in the grade. That's the honorable and shining time. Things began to change from the date I stepped into the No.28 senior high school in Shenyang. I always chose the wrong school to go to. Therefore, I learned and cherished the most remarkable experiences in my schoolings. I made a very good and dependable friend and related to him till now. I cherished it deep in my heart so much.

  This is me, a man who never stops going forward!Thank you!


  Good morning !

  It is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview,I hope i can make a good performance today. I'm confident that I can succeed.

  Now i will introduce myself briefly.I am 26 years old,born in shandong province .I was graduated from qingdao university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 20xx.I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.

  In July 20xx, I began work for a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDao city.Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.

  And in August 20xx,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.

  I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.

  That’s all. Thank you for giving me the chance.


  hello,everyone.i am so glad to stand t of all,i will introduce name is…,i s old this year.i have many hobbies,such as:ing and so i like english very much.

  i think english is very useful for us,because many many people in the world can speak english,if i learn it well,i can talk with them and make friends with des these,i also like doing some g exercises can make us th is so important for us,we can not doing anything without a good ,we can do exercises togher in the future.

  i also like help others,when you are in trouble,i will do anything that i course,i hope you my classmates can help me the last,i wish we can become good friends and everybody can get a good result at the k you!


  I am very happy to introduce myself here.I was born in Liaoning Province.I graduated from Nankai University and majored in International Trade. I like music and reaing books,especially economical books. It is my honor to apply this job. I hope I can realise my dream in our company.Please give me a chance.Thank you very much

  it is my great pleasure to introduce myself.i was born in LIAONING. My major is international trade. I was graduated in Nankai University. My hobby lies in the music and reading, especially like economics.

  i am glad that i can take part in this interview and i am sincerely hope that i can join this company to realize my dream. please give my a chance. Thank you.


  Good morning. It's a pleasure for me present myself. My name is , and I am a candidate for the position of Representative.

  I am initiatives, Conscientious, responsible, sociable ,adaptable.

  During the one and half years working in 3D MOULD, I developed 7 new customers, and also participated several different tasks, for instance, creating company wet page, composing ISO9000 management systems & primary conformity assessment, writing foreign trade document, direct the annual party.

  I benefited a lot from this multiple job. Firstly, I wrote the ISO9000 quality management system and requirements, which helped me to perceive how to carry out and manage a company. Secondly, my professional knowledge enhanced a lot because I need to check the process of the project with production dept, quality dept and suppliers. The communication between them helped me to transform my speculative knowledge, which I learned from university, into practical experience. Thirdly, after communication & exchange with foreign customers for one and half years, my English ability improved a lot. Now I am quite familiar with professional English about manufacture, and I can understand English drawings. Last but not least, I turned my article gifts and experience in student union to good account by organizing the annual party and travel which had great success.

  Of course, as a young person, I know I have my deficiencies, and what’s more, I still have potential to reach. I went to spare-time school to learn oversea business and oral English. In order to participate in creating company website, I learn Dreamweaver by myself during the spare time. After years working and studying, I believe the most important things you need in a job are team spirit and responsibility. With these two things, I will be a valuable person for the company and have a fruitful career life.


  Good afternoon,teachers.

  I am very glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is abc, 25 years old. I come from Weifang, a beautiful city of Shandong Province. I graduated from Commercial College in July, 20xx and major in finance. Then, I was a teacher in abc, When I was a senior school student, I am interested in thought and began to read a certain classic work of Marxism, especially I finished reading “the florilegium of Mao ZeDong”。 From then on, I have dabbled in more and more theoretical works and accumulated great interests in theory study, especially in Marxism.

  I have a dream, a dream of my study. I wish devote my whole life and energy into the development of the Marxism. If I have the opportunity to study in abc University, I‘ll dabble in as much as document about the specialty as possible. If it is possible, I want to get the primary accomplishment in my major, at least, a stable basis.

  Personally, for today‘s China, the first task to the development of Marxism is a process of construction. That’s to say, we should understand Marxism mostly from the aspect of construction and development of social society. Only when our socialistic country has a more rapid and balance development than the capitalistic, we can enhance the attractiveness and persuasion of Marxism eventually.


  Good afternoon.I'm very glad to be here.My name is …,and my English name is Linda.I'm twelve years old.I'm living in a very beautiful city.There are four members in my family:my mother,my father,my sisiter and I.My sister is very lovly.I'm very lucky to have a such happy family.My school is also very beautifu.There are lots of flowers and trees there.And air is clear.I get along well with my teachers and classmates at school.And English is my favourite subject.

  My hometown is a really beautiful place and I love it so much.Welcome to my hometown,Nanyang.Thank you for listening.


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